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Minor happenings

This one is the least minor: the Mariners signed Jarrod Washburn to a four-year, $37.5 million deal. He should do well there.

Tony Graffanino and Travis Lee accepted arbitration and will stay in Boston and Tampa Bay, respectively.

A.J. Pierzynski got three years and $15 million from Chicago.

Matt Diaz, who once refused to play for the Orioles, was traded from KC to Atlanta for Ricardo Rodriguez.

Joe Kennedy signed a one-year deal with Oakland.

The Indians signed Steve Karsay and Danny Graves. It would be surprising to me if either of them actually made the team.

The Mets released Kaz Ishii and signed Darren Oliver and Pedro Feliciano. Pedro Feliciano wrote "Feliz Navidad," true story.

Josh Paul was traded to the Devil Rays.

The Reds gave Ryan Freel two years. The Rays gave Sean Burroughs one.

The Rockies grabbed Bret Prinz and Steve Colyer.

Roy Oswalt got the tractor he was promised for winning the NLCS. Roy Oswalt is one of my favorite players.

This week might be spotty as far as updates go, since it's likely that it'll be slow and also likely that I'll be a little busy thanks to the fact that Christmas is a mere five days away now. This year went really fast except for those summer months where the Orioles made every day a decade. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and that it isn't driving any of you too crazy yet.