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Fresh meat

Now on the market ("notable" players only):

Kurt Ainsworth, SP
Eric Byrnes, OF
Eddy Rodriguez, RP

Sad to see Ainsworth probably won't be getting a shot this spring. Not sad to see the other two go.

Chad Bradford, RP
Wade Miller, SP

I'd really like the Orioles to take a chance on Miller in the fifth spot. He's not exactly going to cost any substantial money.

Ken Harvey, DH/1B
Grant Balfour, RP
Wayne Franklin, RP
Cha-Seung Baek, RP
Ryan Franklin, SP

We don't need another juicer.

Joe Borowski, RP
Lance Carter, RP
Trever Miller, RP

Carter and Miller both had lousy seasons after good years in 2004. They might be worth a look, particularly Miller for a shot at being our top lefty out of the pen.

Ramon Ortiz, SP

No. One of my very least favorite pitchers in the world for the constant comparisons to Pedro Martinez despite that he has never not sucked.

Jason Phillips, C/1B

I'd rather have him around as the third catcher than Gil.

Dan Kolb, RP
Endy Chavez, OF
Josh Fogg, SP

I almost thought maybe we could take a chance on Fogg, then I realized just how terrible he is.

Dewon Brazelton, SP

The Padres really wanted rid of Sean Burroughs.

Alex Escobar, OF
Junior Spivey, 2B
Rick Short, IF

Short is a 33-year old former O's draft pick that finally made it to the majors this season. He was mentioned here earlier this year. I'd rather have him than Newhan. After all, Rick Short hit .400 this year for the Expos. They basically have the same career resume (I'm way too lazy for accent marks - that should read, "reh-zoo-may").

Anyone you'd like to see the O's pick up? None are money acquisitions, obviously.