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Jays close on Glaus

el gordo scooped me in his diary, but I wanted to post something about this and take a look at the Jays lineup for 2006 if they do land Glaus. They'd be giving up Orlando Hudson and Miguel Batista in the deal.

C Zaun/Quiroz
1B Lyle Overbay
2B Aaron Hill
3B Corey Koskie
SS Russ Adams
LF Frank Catalanotto
CF Vernon Wells
RF Alex Rios
DH Troy Glaus

Two things: I don't know if they'd do Hill at SS in place of Adams and someone else at 2B or not. They also still have Hinske and Hillenbrand, though I guess it's likely they'll deal one of them. They could DH one of those guys if they keep him, sit Koskie who just had a bad, injury-prone season, and play Glaus at third.

It's a good lineup. I don't think it's eye-popping or anything, but it's definitely quite good and this is a team that scored plenty of runs this season without Glaus or Overbay.

Then you look at their rotation: Roy Halladay, AJ Burnett, Gustavo Chacin, Josh Towers, Ted Lilly (or Dustin McGowan in there somewhere). It's a potentially very good rotation depending on what Burnett and Lilly do. Halladay is the man, you know what you'll get with Towers, and Chacin is already a fine option for a middle rotation guy.

Barring injury (and there's enough guys in there who have injury histories) they should be a good team and have a shot at contending for the wild card and, if things break their way, the division. They'll be hard-pressed to beat out New York, as I truly expect the Yankees to have much more reliable starting pitching (how could it get less reliable?), which was what really screwed them up so much that they could only make it to 95 wins last year. We should all be so lucky, but only on the condition that we didn't have to be Yankee fans.

Alright, it's Christmas Eve, and despite that I may seem like some robot, I assure you I am not. Baseball will likely be taking today and tomorrow off, so I will, too (well, I'll probably still comment), unless of course something happens with the O's. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah and a great Festivus and whatever else.