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Miguel Tejada: Phone Card Scam Artist

This type of headline is what's wrong with responsible journalism these days. Thankfully I am nowhere near a responsible journalist.

Tejada -- along with David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Octavio Dotel and Julio Lugo -- has been named in a $35 million lawsuit over a phone card scam. The cards in question promise a 70-minute call to the Dominican Republic for $2, but customers were cut off after ten minutes. Tejada and the other players endorsed the cards.

This is really no big deal at all, but it's a peculiar story to remember.

Ortiz's agent, Diego Bentz, told the Boston Globe that his client, Tejada and Martinez were lured into the deal by Dotel.

"They were trying to do a favor and it just snowballed," Bentz said.

They really should have blamed Lugo, since he's the least of the players in terms of star power.