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Burnitz, Pt. 2

Yeah, no.

Remember last year when we took the Cubs old, obviously declining right fielder that used to hit a bunch of home runs? Well, now we're taking the guy that replaced him in mediocre fashion. Granted Burnitz was better than Sosa, but then again, who wasn't?

Burnitz as one-year rental wouldn't be the biggest deal in the world. I still wouldn't want him on this team because I don't think there's any real point to him, but still, a year is a year. Two years at six million per is just stupid. I figured Burnitz would get a one-year, $3.5 million or so deal, if not from us (as I hoped it wouldn't be) then from someone else.

If we were going to sign an old outfielder with a little power left in his bat to a two-year deal, why didn't we even make a pass at Reggie Sanders?


In other news, Eric Byrnes is probably going to Arizona, and the White Sox re-signed Jon Garland for three years.