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Potential 2006 Orioles Lineup

As it stands for now, anyway.

  1. B Roberts 2B
  2. M Mora 3B
  3. M Tejada SS
  4. J Gibbons RF
  5. J Lopez DH
  6. J Burnitz LF
  7. J Conine 1B
  8. R Hernandez C
  9. L Matos CF
Everyone is saying Matos could be pushed out of his starting job, but I don't know who it would be unless Markakis took over, which is not impossible or anything.

The ZiPS Projections for those dudes:

Roberts .295/.372/.432
Mora .292/.366/.471
Tejada .303/.357/.511
Gibbons .273/.321/.463
Lopez .292/.343/.498
Burnitz .238/.309/.421
Conine .249/.307/.353
Hernandez .284/.335/.453
Matos .281/.339/.408
Markakis .266/.333/.398

Unsurprisingly, two of them stick out like sore thumbs. This is not the gospel or anything, but I think those are all reasonable projections. We've basically replaced Palmeiro and Sosa with Palmeiro and Sosa under different names.