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Surprise, Surprise: Tejada still angry

Source: AP

Disgruntled shortstop Miguel Tejada is "more upset" with the Baltimore Orioles because they haven't gotten stronger in the offseason than with the team not fulfilling his trade request.

"Now, I am more upset than when I requested the trade because it's been a month and they haven't done anything," Tejada told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Tejada, who is entering the third year of a $72 million, six-year contract, said three weeks ago that he wanted a "change of scenery."

On Thursday, the disgruntled All-Star said he was upset by the Orioles' failure to make trades that would strengthen the team.

"I don't want to say anything bad that can hurt my teammates, but look at Toronto, they have strengthened themselves and we haven't done anything," said Tejada, who hit .305 last season with 26 homers and 98 RBIs.


Tejada noted that division rivals New York and Toronto made moves to improve. The Yankees acquired outfielder Johnny Damon and the Blue Jays signed closer B.J. Ryan, starting pitcher A.J. Burnett and third baseman Troy Glaus.

"If the Orioles don't do anything, I want them to trade me because I am tired of losing," Tejada said before a winter league game.

If he isn't traded by the Orioles, Tejada said he would "respect the game as I have always done."

"I am not asking for a team of superstars, I only want a good group that helps me to win," he said.

Tejada also responded to comments made by former teammate Rafael Palmeiro, who tested positive for steroids.

Palmeiro has said Tejada gave him vitamin B-12 earlier this year, and suggested it might have been tainted with performance-enhancing drugs.

"Everyone knows that vitamin B-12 doesn't do anything bad," Tejada said. "I am not upset with Palmeiro, but enough speaking about that already," he said.