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How you feelin': Manny and Clement for Tejada

Just kind of thinking out loud (or on a keyboard) here...

SportsCenter is even talking about Manny/Clement for Tejada at this point, so maybe there's something to it. They usually stay out of the rumor mill. Or maybe they just had nothing to talk about right now.

However, I was just thinking about this idea and I think I really like it.

For one thing, Manny Ramirez is a tremendous hitter and a huge contributor with the bat. He's also a star's star having spent so much time in Boston with the spotlight on him. I'm not saying anything bad about Miguel Tejada's ability as a baseball player, but he's not Manny at the plate. Manny changes the lineup in a big way.

Matt Clement is a pitcher I do like despite his faults, and if we hired Leo Mazzone to try and help pitchers, I think Clement could be a prime candidate for Mazzone help. Clement obviously has ability and could be a frontline starter if he'd just not fall apart all the time. Maybe Mazzone can get something out of him. It's interesting to consider, especially if you're the sort that thinks Mazzone can help anyone. I don't think Leo can do a lot with a guy like Esteban Loaiza, but Clement is another story.

Clement is 31 years old, Manny is 34 this coming May. I think both of them will be at least as good as they are for a while longer. With Clement, I can still see him having a late prime. I could be wrong about that, of course.

I'd make the deal. Tejada obviously flat-out wants out of Baltimore. Manny Ramirez has said he's totally open to playing here. Manny and Tejada are most probably going to continue to be Manny and Tejada, Clement's the wild card.

It would make signing Burnitz even worse on some levels, but on the plus side you can DH Ramirez, play Burnitz in left and hope he's not really bad, and use Conine off the bench, which is the ideal role for him at this point. But then you've got Javy Lopez stuck in the lurch having to play first base, which is not something he's shown he can do. Mike Piazza was awful at it, but Scott Hatteberg turned out to be pretty damn good. So who knows?

I like Miguel Tejada and I'll harbor no ill will toward him if he's traded. In fact, I'll wish him luck. He's a guy that wants desperately to win, and he doesn't feel as though Baltimore is the place for him to do that. It's his right to feel that way and speak about it.

How about you? Would you make this deal?