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O's lose out on Byrd, Mets get Lo Duca

Source: AP (via Yahoo)

Byrd's deal with Cleveland is two years for $14.25 million. Chalk this up as another guy the Orioles have whiffed on already. Byrd is no safe bet to stay healthy, but he's a fine and reliable starter when he is. Actually I guess saying he's reliable when he's healthy is a bit of a contradiction. But you get what I'm saying.

Source: AP (via Yahoo)

Lo Duca to the Mets for pitcher Gaby Hernandez and another prospect. Lo Duca seems like a nice guy and has a rep for handling pitching staffs well, but the fact is he hasn't been a good hitter since his breakout season in 2001 when he was pretty super. Then again with the addition of Delgado, the Mets didn't exactly desperately need a bat, and they do need a catcher. Lo Duca's 33. He could either be the same guy he's been for years now for a few more seasons or he could fall off the map.