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Toronto paper reports Burnett deal

The Toronto Globe and Mail is reporting that the Blue Jays will sign AJ Burnett to a 5-year, $55 million deal. Apparently the Nationals offered Burnett four years and $40 million. We offered nothing. Not that I'd want to give Burnett five years, so I'm not too upset about it. But even the Expos stuck their heads in there.

Kevin Millwood is supposedly being offered four years and $44 million by Seattle. I don't want to give him $11 million a year, so if that's the asking price then count my interest out.

The newest Zito trade rumor has him going to Texas for Kevin Mench, Ian Kisler and Thomas Diamond. The A's also have interest in Frank Thomas it would appear, and here's what I think about Frank Thomas. If any AL team with any need at DH doesn't have interest in Thomas, they're dumb. His price is going to be low and he can still produce in a big way if he's healthy. I'd love to have Thomas at DH.

Wayne Huizenga's recent offer to help the Marlins to stay in Miami probably isn't going to amount to anything. Sources say the Marlins are frustrating him. Ain't that somethin'?

Roger Clemens is giving Houston the runaround again. His dummy agent insists that if Clemens had to decide right this second, he'd retire. The problem for Houston, obviously, is the fact that they might have a $20 million ace next season...or they might not. Kind of a jam to be in when you're trying to make moves.