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The Rangers are busy, with Alfonso Soriano talks abound. The Dodgers are offering Jonathan Broxton, and the Red Sox may be offering a package including either Matt Clement or Bronson Arroyo. If Soriano is traded, the Rangers might go after Orlando Hudson to replace him. The Rangers are also focused on getting Brett Tomko and/or Matt Morris, and have made a contract offer to Tomko.

The Blue Jays may look to acquire Lyle Overbay from Milwaukee in a deal for Miguel Batista and either David Bush or David Purcey.

Tony Womack might end up back in St. Louis or in Kansas City, which is where the Yankees sent him on my MVP dynasty. The Royals may also be trading Jeremy Affeldt and Mike MacDougal to the Mets for Kris Benson.

Trade-demanding Javier Vazquez vetoed a deal that would have sent him to the Tigers for Curtis Granderson and Joel Zumaya, according to Peter Gammons. The Tigers and D-Backs both deny it. Detroit is interested in 41-year old headcase Kenny Rogers, though.

The A's were interested in Milton Bradley before the Dodgers wanted Barry Zito for him. Now they aren't interested.

Trevor Hoffman may be close to a 3-year deal with the Indians. The Red Sox are also interested and so are the Padres, of course.

Hey guys, don't count on getting Nomar. The Padres and Indians are interested and the Yankees are too. Why would he sign here when the Indians and Padres can offer an everyday infield position and the Yankees are the Yankees?

D.J. Carrasco will be playing in Japan next year, and Bobby Valentine keeps trying to call out the White Sox, as if the White Sox don't have better things to do than play the Chiba Lotte Marines. And look, no offensive to the Japan League, but the White Sox would probably destroy Chiba Lotte. Japan is comparable to a good Triple-A league.

Reed Johnson will be back in Toronto on a one-year deal.

I've heard Johnny Estrada has been traded to Arizona, but I'm not sure of any details.