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Ohhhhh hey, WHAT?

ESPNews is reporting that Alfonso Soriano has been traded to the Expos in exchange for Brad Wilkerson, Terrmel Sledge and a prospect to be named later. Where did that one come from?

The Sun is reporting (as MiamiCane mentioned in the comments to a previous post) that we'll announce the Ramon Hernandez deal tomorrow. Looks like four years. He might very well absolutely stink by the end of that.

Bob Wickman re-upped with the Indians for one year after they lost out on Trevor Hoffman. Todd Jones is headed back to Detroit, which is a relief to me. The Tigers looooove name closers. They have no idea what they would do without one. Lose, I'd guess.

The Astros told Roger Clemens to shove it already and have decided to not offer him arbitration. That means he can't sign with them until May 1. So if Clemens plays next year, it'll likely be for someone else. And since Clemens isn't likely to play for someone else, Clemens might be done. If Clemens were to retire, that would make for a bunch of damn good players retiring this offseason between him, Olerud and Larry Walker. Plus Andres Galarraga retired during the spring.