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Renteria to Atlanta for Marte

Peter Gammons broke it, and ESPNews is officially carrying it as a story now. Edgar Renteria has been traded to the Braves for 3B Andy Marte.

The Sox have offered Mueller arbitration, have Lowell, and have Kevin Youkilis sitting around, but Youkilis can play 1B too. Marte is 22 and hit .275/.372/.506 at Triple A Richmond this season and had a cup of coffee with the Braves. He's not an average guy, he's an on-base and power guy.

Right now the Boston infield looks like it could be Youkilis or Lowell at first, Loretta at second, Lowell or Mueller if he stays at third and Alex Cora at short (maybe Dustin Pedroia, but he doesn't look ready). Different to say the least.

What a Red Sox career Big Ed had.

The Rockies signed Jose Mesa to a one-year deal, which may finally toll the bells for Jose Mesa's career.