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Rogers to Tigers appears imminent

RotoWire says the Tigers and Kenny Rogers (41 years old, remember) are close to an agreement on a contract for...

three years.

Three years for a 41-year old lefty? Sure, I guess.

I find this very interesting. Rogers is obviously a finesse pitcher - a crafty lefty, if you wish - and could very conceivably keep his arm in shape until he's 44 or 45 years old. The Tigers keep making these bizarre moves, though. Percival was a horrible signing and anyone that thought about it for five minutes knew that from the jump. Todd Jones is back to replace him, and now they're hot on the trail of Kenny Rogers. Rogers would replace Jason Johnson, who was a Comerica Park All-Star, which Rogers will likely be as well.

Thanks to the Tigers' strange behavior and Comerica Park, Kenny Rogers will probably be playing until he's 45 years old.

As for Jason Johnson, his agent better have come up with a great portfolio that ignores that home/away split he put up. Then again, who pays attention to that stuff besides dorks like me and maybe you and other people? Thankfully Johnson hated playing in Baltimore so we aren't likely to see him come back.

Update: This deal is done, and it's two years, not three.