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Short Q&A with Sam Perlozzo

Link: SportsTicker (via Yahoo)

Some managers did five questions. Some did four. Sam only had time for three. Or maybe the reporter only had time to ask three questions about the Orioles.

"With all the things that happened last year, we hope we're past (Sosa and Palmeiro). I think we want to get started on a year with good solid baseball with good baseball people that make us proud and make the city proud. We're not looking for headaches we're looking for good baseball players. We've lost for a number of years now and it's time for us to start moving forward.

Good sentiment, but the search for good solid baseball players and good baseball people continues.

"If it gets worse than it got last year then I don't want to be around. But those things, I think, took care of themselves. It was a distraction to me because I was more concerned about what was going on on the field and getting that job done. In that sense it was a great experience for me."
"I've gotten Leo (Mazzone) to come on board with us and I'm, perhaps, overconfident he can help some of our guys that need to get over the hump. Maybe there's a No. 4 guy that he can help make a No. 3.

"You know Leo, his plan is down and away and he'll be working on location with all of our guys. He's yet to tell me he can't help anybody."

We don't need No. 4 guys that Mazzone can make a No. 3, we need frontline starters, and you can't make those, really.