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Blue Bombers

The O's dropped one to the Dodgers down in Vero Beach today, losing 7-5 as Los Angeles shelled the bullpen to overcome an early 3-0 Baltimore lead.

Eric DuBose threw three hitless innings before Jose Valentin hit a big fly off of Matt Riley, and then Milton Bradley and Norihiro Nakamura went deep back-to-back against James Baldwin in the next inning. I'm banking on "Well, there goes James Baldwin."

The Orioles scored two in the top of the ninth, but Mike Edwards had delivered a three-run death blow in the eighth, so it was pretty useless.

Stynes Watch: He had an RBI.

Jeff Weaver (The Weave!) picked up the win with six innings and three earned runs, a Quality Start. I'm a big Weaver supporter. I really couldn't tell you why.

I'm trying to ignore The Steroids Talk, but since a couple of our boys will be in D.C., here's a quick note: Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro will be there. All the witnesses have been denied immunity. Over/under for pleading the fifth between the five non-Canseco attendees is at 14. What a depressing story, let's go back to ignoring it.