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Major injury spoils 9-3 win over Minnesota

Stynes Watch: He broke his fibia with a foul ball. Raspberries.

Operation: Build 2005 Orioles Around Lack of Chris Stynes is now regrettably in full motion.

Luis Matos had a homer and three hits in a 9-3 win over the Twins in Fort Lauderdale, and Erik Bedard was solid with five innings pitched, allowing two runs on six hits. Melvin Mora, back in the lineup, also homered in the game.

Matos is having a heck of a good spring which luckily means we now won't have Dave Newhan warbling about in center field more than occasionally. Newhan will be our Super Joe McEwing. To be honest I expect he'll be right about as effective as 2001 Super Joe, which is pretty much in line with 2004 Newhan. I also expect he'll quickly become a miraculously pointless player after 2005. I don't put stock in Newhan's decent year last season. I can't. I won't. It'll save time being disappointed later.

Do you realize if we hadn't traded Denny Bautista for Jason freaking Grimsley then our rotation may well be set right now? Jason freaking Grimsley.