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Happy trails, Robbie

Former Oriole Roberto Alomar has retired at 37 after a 17-year career that included 12 All-Star appearances (1990-2001), 10 Gold Gloves (1991-1996, 1998-2001), four Silver Slugger awards (1992, 1996, 1999-2000), five top ten finishes in the AL MVP voting, and the 1992 ALCS MVP award.

Add all that to 2724 career hits, a .300/.371/.443 career line at second base, 504 doubles, 474 stolen bases and 1508 runs scored, and you've got a lock Hall of Famer despite him stinking up the joint his last few years.

Alomar had a great debut season for Baltimore in '96, batting .328/.411/.527. He was limited to 112 games in 1997 and hit .333/.390/.500. His final year with the team was a mild disappointment, but from there he went to Cleveland and had the best three-year stretch of his career. Then he was traded to the Mets, and like Baerga before him, just floundered. He lost seventy points off his batting average, 84 off of his OBP and dropped 165 points in slugging percentage.

And he never recovered. He was dealt to the White Sox the next season and stunk there too, signed with Arizona and hit in small sample size, then was traded back to Chicago and was horrible. He signed with the D-Rays this offseason, but I think we all knew Robbie was finished as soon as he couldn't rebound from his first season with the Mets.

I always personally liked Alomar. He was a hell of a player and a fiery personality. Some people like quiet guys, some people like noisemakers - I like a little of both. He was a personal favorite for a long time. I think all Baltimore fans appreciate the player he was for our club.

I propose we all go spit on something in tribute. It doesn't have to be an umpire, it can be a sidewalk or a tree or a trash can. This loog's for you, Robbie!