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New team blogs and some other folks' injuries

I'd like to make a quick note to welcome both Brew Crew Ball and Halo's Heaven to the SportsBlogs family. One of 'em has a defending division champion to talk about, and the other one is a big brother in losing for us. Think we've lost? The Brewers have lost.

When I was a youngster I had a Teddy Higuera signature glove, my first real glove. Yeah, they made such a thing. It was a good glove!

Oh, and we did lose today, 12-0.

Barry Bonds is saying he might be done for the year. I'll quickly say that if Bonds sits out this season, it's because he wants to. Or because of a conspiracy that allows players on the DL to avoid steroid testing. Or because he's 40 years old and is sick of playing baseball and having knee surgeries. Or because he seriously is just sick of the media this much. Or because...who knows. Barry's Barry.

The Cubs have lost slated closer Joe Borowski to a broken arm for at least six weeks. My sympathies, friends. You've no manner of luck at all. Over on the south side of Chicago, the White Sox lost workhorse Mark Buehrle yesterday, which makes their rotation even more suspect. Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels posed the question of whether or not Brandon McCarthy would succeed in a stint as the fifth man in the rotation. I think he'd do fine, but not great.

This is what I have to talk about when we lose 12-0 in spring training to the Devil Rays, none of our players are pointing their fingers at Congress, and the most interesting O's news I can find is Steve Kline being a real jokester. Kline has my favorite hat in baseball. I plan to throw my hat in mud and stomp on it to get it looking like Kline's now that he's with us. I say we all do this with an Orioles hat. Let's all have a filthy O's cap to wear whenever Kline comes out of the pen. What say you?