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Ponson? Ponsoff.

``Why do you guys have to know everything that goes off the field with me?'' he said. ``Off field is our private time, and if something happens we have to deal with it. Not you guys, not the millions of fans of baseball.

``I'm a grown man. I made a mistake. Nothing came out of it, so what?''


He finished the interview by saying he wouldn't talk to reporters anymore except for days he's scheduled to pitch.

Full story (which basically boils down to this block quote) can be seen here.

Now unless there is major Ponson news, I will put a three-day lock on myself from discussing Ponson in post form.

Tied the Red Sox yesterday 5-5, with Cabrera having another good outing, and today beat the Nationals 5-1 after rain shut it down in the sixth. Rodrigo Lopez went five shutout innings and Tejader and Javy went yard. Sosa had two hits.