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Gomez and Fasano cop 'tudes in positional battles

Do you enjoy my professionally scandalous headline?

With the utility infielder and backup catcher spots still up for grabs (though the catcher spot does indeed seem chosen but not formally settled on), Chris Gomez and Sal Fasano are cracking a bit wise.

Fasano was used as a late replacement at first base, a role that's become his only method for getting on the field.

"To be honest, I really don't know because they don't tell us too much. You just go out every day and do your thing. But it's a pretty good indication that they've done whatever they could to give [Gil] the job," Fasano said.

"You obviously never know, but sometimes you can read the writing on the wall."

Of the two, Fasano has shown more pop. Gil has a good arm. Gil can't hit. With Javy Lopez set in stone, the only thing that really matters is if Javy were to get injured, which would be a blow to the lineup no matter which would replace him as the starter. In that regard, I think you have a couple of options.

  1. Go with Gil, the guy with the gun, to mostly sit around on the bench, and hope Fasano will report to Triple-A and get his swings in just in case he's needed.
  2. Keep Fasano because he's a better hitter that, at 33, has never really had a chance to get major league at-bats the way Gil had in 2002 (when he stunk over 422 ABs).

Can you gone wrong? Can you go right?

Gomez is hoping the team isn't ignoring past accomplishments and simply judging them on spring statistics.

"I don't know if that's wise," he said.

The only thing this is missing is "I mean, really. Enrique Wilson sucks," he added.

Mazzilli is still trying to settle on the top of the order, too. It's either going to go Roberts-Mora-Tejada (as I expected) or Roberts-Bigbie-Mora (as I'd prefer at least trying).

The bullpen also still needs to be set, and the fifth spot is still hanging there, with me wondering why they don't just go with Chen already and give me a break with this Matt Riley business (he is not making the rotation, he is not making the rotation, he is not making the rotation) and this almost absurd Rick Bauer song-and-dance.