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Tim Raines, Jr. was optioned to Ottawa, and five more were assigned to minor league camp in Sarasota: catchers Sal Fasano and Keith McDonald, outfielders Keith Reed and Napoleon Calzado, and infielder Ed Rogers.

Fasano hasn't made up his mind whether or not he'll be taking a spot with Ottawa, where he would likely be the second catcher behind Eli Whiteside.

Also as expected, Todd Williams looks to be getting squeezed out of the bullpen picture unless someone is traded or put on the DL or Jay Witasick gets released. I question whether Witasick is any better than Williams or vice versa, but then again if I question that twice, what's the difference at all, and what do I care whether we carry Witasick or Williams? My natural inclination is to root for journeyman Williams, since he was never a Yankee. Williams is out of options, so he'd have to clear waivers.

With Fasano down, Geronimo Gil is the backup catcher for sure. If Fasano stays in the organization, McDonald will probably start the season with Bowie. We're McDonald's fourth organization in four years, as he spent 2002 (and the eight years before) with the Cardinals, 2003 with the Cubs (Iowa) and 2004 with the Pirates (Nashville). If Fasano decides to not report, McDonald would probably back up Whiteside in Ottawa. I guess.

I'll be honest: I love baseball and everything, but wondering about veteran minor league catchers is starting to wear on me. Hurry up, season.