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Ryne Sandberg does not know who Melvin Mora is

From Ryno's AL East preview:

Strengths: The Orioles' strength is all in the offense with Sammy Sosa joining Miguel Tejada, Rafael Palmeiro and Javy Lopez. After that, this team is pretty suspect, although Camden Yards is still a pretty nice place to play.

Melvin Mora, Ryno? One of the best hitters in the league, Ryno? Anything? Ring a bell?

Weaknesses: The starting rotation - who are these guys?

(and from Tampa's preview:)

Weaknesses: The starting rotation is relatively unknown with Dewon Brazelton, Scott Kazmir, Mark Hendrickson and Rob Bell. Hideo Nomo and Casey Fossum - the candidates to be the fifth starter - are better known.

So if Ryne Sandberg hasn't heard of you, you suck. But he knows Casey Fossum. Go figure.

From season to season, Yahoo Sports really "hits a home run!" with expert analysis. Where's Jack McDowell when you need him?