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Compensation agreement is in place

Full story from the AP.

So, that's done, which is nice because I was tired of reading about it all the time. I don't much care about it myself, and I get the feeling most fans don't either. I think it's fair enough (despite there being no precedence for it) that Peter Angelos got his money. If it will get him to shut up about the injustice of it all, then fine.

The Grapefruit League part of spring training is over, and Melvin Mora and Brian Roberts were hurt in Wednesday's 5-5 tie with the Cardinals. Mora was beaned near his right wrist by Jeff Soup Pan, and Roberts fouled a ball off his shin. So nothing serious.

Lee Mazzilli also named Mora as the second hitter and officially has gone with BJ Ryan as the closer. I agree with the latter very much, but slightly disagree with the former, though it should work out just fine as there are no other reliable on-base options for the two-hole. If Roberts gets on base again this season, the top of our lineup could be really dangerous. David Newhan might hit second when he's in the lineup. With Mora second, Sosa will hit fourth. That better work.

The fifth starter's spot is leaning toward - get ready - Rick Bauer, who gave up five runs in a 5-1 loss to St. Louis on Thursday. Come on, don't disrespect the Chen. He has no options and I really don't want to lose him on waivers, and someone WILL claim him. Someone ALWAYS wants to welcome Bruce Chen. It was us, once.

Apparently DuBose is still in the race. Give me a break.