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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, rubber match

Rodrigo Lopez, RH Carl Pavano, RH (1-0, 0.00) (1-0, 2.84) 2B B Roberts SS D Jeter 3B M Mora 3B A Rodriguez SS M Tejada RF G Sheffield RF S Sosa LF H Matsui 1B R Palmeiro DH R Sierra C J Lopez 1B J Giambi DH J Gibbons C J Posada CF L Matos CF B Crosby LF L Bigbie 2B T Womack

Not sure if I'll even be awake for the 1:05 start time, but I should catch the majority of the game hopefully. These two teams tend to play for extended periods of time.

Both Lopez and Pavano were strong in their first starts this season, but this is Lopez's first road start of the year. If you're possibly waiting for disturbing home/road splits, that's not it. He was pretty much identical at Camden and elsewhere last season. However he was much better in day games than night games, so that's good.

Bad news? Sure, why not! Lopez faced New York five times last year (four starts) and posted an ERA of 8.37 with a 1.82 WHIP. But he was 2-1, and if I recall my Joe Morgan teachings from, that means he was good because he wasn't being outpitched.

Man, remind me not to eat hamburgers at 1:30am anymore. It's just a bad idea every time.