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Some quick stuff for an off day

Let's just make this an open thread, too, so if you guys (and ladies!) want to talk about anything at all in the comments, go nuts.

  • There's an AP report where Sammy Sosa, 36, says he'll retire before his 40th birthday. Not that this is surprising, but there it is.
  • Carl Pavano is OK after being brained by a Melvin Mora liner yesterday, diagnosed with a mild concussion, so that's good. He's a Yankee, but I'd rather he not have his skull broken or anything.
  • The Tuesday/Thursday games in the D-Rays series are on CSN, but there's no Baltimore TV for Wednesday. If you have Extra Innings and are out of the market (such as myself), then you will have the game carried by FSN Florida. I watched a bit of a Rays/Jays game they did, and I don't know who their commentators are by name, but they were pretty fair for the inning or so that I watched.
  • Right now the pitching matchups for the Tampa series are Cabrera/Kazmir, Bedard/basketball player, Ponson/Bell. Cabrera/Kazmir could either be a matchup of two studs with bright futures or a mess. I remember I once watched a Mark Prior v. Brett Myers matchup of future perennial All-Stars, and look how that one turned out.