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Post-game thoughts: O's 7, D-Rays 6

Well, we're over .500 again. Sammy finally hit one out (technically, Sammy hit two out) and the offense did their job, but Cabrera is seemingly so easy to rattle and so jumpy on the mound that when he gets in a funk he just cannot hit the plate. His control may improve this year in terms of actual walks, but he's still got control problems. He labors through just about every inning and when hitters know they can wait on his fastball, it's bad news.

I'm not into this Mora in the two-hole thing if they're going to use him as a sacrifice bunter for Brian Roberts, because Bigbie or Matos could get that done just fine, and Mora could be swinging away lower in the order. It's not that I object necessarily to Mora batting second, just the role he's playing. He's not swinging terribly well right now, but Melvin's a hitter in that spot, and to get himself righted he needs to hit. There are just other guys in the lineup that can do that job while freeing up Mora to work the count and swing elsewhere.

BJ Ryan was the star of the game, as he faked being the goat and then decided that he'd had enough of that jive and struck out two batters, then got the lazy flyout for the final out. He can close, no mentality jive will get in the way of his success in that role that we can tell so far.

And how about Brian Bob, anyway? Another homer, matching his season total from 2004. This guy is raking.