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Gameday/Post-Game Thread: O's at Rays, 04/13

Erik Bedard, LH Mark Hendrickson, LH (0-0, 1.29) (0-0, 2.70)

Apparently the game IS on ESPN(2?), according to Jim from DRays Bay, so have fun with the Orioles and Devil Rays, America.

I, personally, will not be able to see the game, which is too bad but I lead a very modern lifestyle here, and I've got to make my way over to Ann Arbor this evening and watch a band play a "gig" (what a dreadful word) while my beloved Orioles continue their series in Tampa Bay.

It brings up the dilemma of whether or not I want to tape the game. I don't have this fancy TiVO and whatnot, I'm naught but a humble pirate. I could tape it, but isn't that bad mojo? I guess I'll just miss this one. I'm ashamed, yes, but maybe they'll just hit eleventy home runs in the first three innings and get it over with, and the majority of the game will have been nothing but watching John Parrish pitch a 15-run game like it was game seven of the World Series with a 2-1 lead and a 3-2 count and the bases juiced every single pitch.

It goes without saying the lineups for this one won't be posted, but I don't overestimate my importance there; any of you can find the lineups. Let's be serious! I simply find it to be a nice touch. Tonight you just look at the heads of Erik Bedard and Basketball Player. I propose a dunk contest between Hendrickson and Cabrera, and maybe you could get Ponson a heavy-duty trampoline, because I'd really like to see him jump.

And though I won't be around to squirm in my seat and freak out over every little thing and shout "BRIAN BOB!" at my computer, as I am prone to do, that doesn't mean YOU can't. So as always, fire up the picture box tonight and complain about The Arsonists Steve (I forgot who coined that on this very site, but I love it, and I'm using it so long as they keep it relevant). Talk about the game and the post-game, because that's why we're all here.

And with all the new users coming from another plug at Daily Kos, I realize I really don't have to explain the site to you, but remember to feel more than free to post diary entries or comments or whatever. Make your voice heard! Vote or die!