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Post-game thoughts: D-Rays 12, O's 7

If Oakland Raiders fans are allowed to call Sebastien Janikowski "Fat Kicker" ("We drafted Fat Kicker in the first round?"), then I think we might as well just start referring to Sir Sid as "Fat Pitcher."

"We gave Fat Pitcher ace money?"

Fat Pitcher gave up nine runs (all earned) on seven hits with four walks and one strikeout in three innings pitched today, and a fine offensive performance from the Birds was wasted because of his incompetence.

Yeah, he had a short spring, yeah he's the fourth starter, yeah yeah yeah. I'm not going to throw in the towel on Sid just yet, although I doubt anyone would blame me. All I want is six-seven innings a start of decent pitching. I am not asking him for a Cy Young. But he was outstandingly bad today.

Miggy and Melly Mel both got on the board with homers, and Melvin had three hits for the game. Brian Bob was 2-for-4 with a triple (which really should have been scored two bases and an error instead, but oh well) and a walk, but seemed to be pressing in a couple of at-bats that resulted in strikeouts, with some Burnitzian swings that absolutely could be the death of him if he gets carried away with hitting the longball, sort of like Podsednik supposedly did last year.

In bigger news, John Parrish has shaved his head and grown a borderline upsetting moustache. It's also borderline brilliance. It is full cheese, though.

We open at home with the Yankees tomorrow for a three-game set. Currently, the matchups are Chen/Pavano, Roddy/Mussina, and Cabrera/Brown.