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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 04/16

Mike Mussina, RH Rodrigo Lopez, RH (0-1, 4.91) (2-0, 0.64) SS D Jeter 2B B Roberts 3B A Rodriguez 3B M Mora RF G Sheffield SS M Tejada LF H Matsui RF S Sosa DH R Sierra 1B R Palmeiro 1B J Giambi C J Lopez C J Posada LF B Surhoff CF B Williams CF L Matos 2B T Womack DH J Gibbons

Cut this one pretty close. First pitch is in a few minutes.

Mussina is rather average against us since he left, with an 8-4 record and 4.05 ERA in fifteen starts. The Yankees do historically hit well at Camden Yards, but the Yankees just aren't hitting anything at all right now, and Roddy Lopez has been untouchable so far.

Yankee fans are getting annoyed with us, which frankly I love. I'm glad they care enough about us to hate us again. It means something for these games to matter to them and not just us.

Bring it, Moose. I ain't afraid of no ghost.