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O's 8, Yankees 4, and it's a sweep

8-4 overall, 5-1 against the Yankees, and we just swept New York in our house. The first person to say "How sweep it is!" gets their foot stepped on.

It was 6-0 today before the Yankees could even look up, thanks to a homer from Mora, an RBI single from Sammy, and Tejader's grand slam. Cutting it to 6-3 proved useless. They were done. Go back to the Bronx, losers, and take all those fans with you (thanks for the sellouts, though!).

The Yankees looked awful in this series. Only Jeter was much of a real problem. Their lineup shufflings didn't pay off, as Womack was a suitable 0-for-5 from the leadoff spot today, though A-Rod did hit a late home run that meant nothing.

I kind of dozed off after the 6-0 start but I would wake up here and there and make sure nothing important was happening. I stuck around at 6-3 until it was 8-3, then I woke up again to see Ryan close it out.

This team has a lot of momentum right now. We've got a stupid piece of scheduling coming up with Detroit coming in for two games and Boston coming in for two games as well, both teams that can hit. We'll face Jason Johnson tomorrow, making that three straight games where the opposing team's pitcher is a former Oriole. Nate Robertson will break it up on Tuesday, but then there's probably David Wells on Wednesday, so there we go again.