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Haiku for Brian Roberts

Seventh inning jack
Killer of Yankees is he
Pants are dirty, yes

When Roberts came up with two on and two out to face Tom Gordon, I foolishly thought to myself, "Man, if Roberts hits another one out here, we're leading the game."

But that would be stupid, because Roberts already has four home runs. It would be silly to ask any more of him right now.

Crack! Sorry, Flash. Brian Bob has struck again.

How seriously unbelievably great is Brian Roberts right now? He is just insanely dialed in. Roberts has been patient at the plate, getting on base, hitting to all fields and with power, stealing - he's doing everything they want him to and more.

He's actually not pressing for homers, as I feared he might start doing. I think he's conscious of the fact that if he does, it will lead to bad things. I'm also sure the coaching staff is telling him to just do what's coming natural and not get obsessed with it. When the pitch is away, he goes with it and drives it to the opposite field. The ball must look like a watermelon to him right now.

Brian Bob isn't going to hit 50 homers or anything. It would be far more insane than when Brady did. But 20? That's possible, and 20 homers from a guy like Roberts is always welcome. I also think he's going to walk a bit more than he did last year (71), because eventually teams may be forced to nibble with him more than they want to, and he's not swinging at bad pitches. I don't expect Roberts to walk like Rickey Henderson or Tony Phillips or anything, but more than before.

Melvin Mora became an offensive force all of a sudden in 2003, so why can't Brian? Mora is no hulk, either. Roberts is also running enough and well enough that he could steal 50 bases or so this season.

I don't even really have a point; I am just higher than a freakin' kite on Brian Roberts right now. If you want to put a homer prediction or anything else for Roberts down in the comments, feel free. As for myself, I'm thinking the 15-20 range sounds reasonable and quite possible. Who'd have thunk it?