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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, 04/17

Kevin Brown, RH Daniel Cabrera, RH (0-0, NA) (0-1, 9.72) 2B T Womack 2B B Roberts SS D Jeter CF D Newhan RF G Sheffield 3B M Mora LF H Matsui SS M Tejada 3B A Rodriguez DH S Sosa DH R Sierra 1B R Palmeiro 1B T Martinez RF J Gibbons C J Flaherty LF L Bigbie CF B Crosby C G Gil

1:35 start time. May or may not get to see the start, but I should hopefully see the majority.

Gut feeling says Brown is picking the wrong lineup at the wrong time to make his season debut, but then there's Dan Cabrera taking the hill for the other side, and he's starting to give me a queasy feeling every time his name is penciled in. Can Cabrera get his first good start of the season in? He's bound to have a bunch of them this year if he sticks in the rotation all season, and this would be a great time. To sweep the Yankees at home would generate even more of a buzz around this team. Building momentum is fun, isn't it?

Let's also not forget that like Mussina, Brown was once an Oriole. It was 1995, and Brown was pretty good (3.60, 10-9, 172.3 IP with 155 hits allowed). It's a great regret that we let Brown walk away after just the one season, as he became pretty dominant for five years after that, including that 1.89 ERA he put up for the Marlins in '96.

Do I have a long-standing grudge with Brown? Do I have any grudge at all with Brown? Not really, but I guess he's sort of a jerk, and anyway, he's a Yankee, so I don't like him. Let's rock him.