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Gameday Thread: Tigers at O's, game two of two

Nate Robertson, LH Sidney Ponson, RH (0-1, 3.75) (1-1, 13.50) 3B B Inge 2B B Roberts 2B O Infante 3B M Mora SS C Guillen SS M Tejada DH D Young RF S Sosa LF R White DH R Palmeiro 1B C Pena C J Lopez RF C Monroe 1B J Gibbons C V Wilson CF L Matos CF N Logan LF L Bigbie

I hate a two-game series. We've got another one with the Red Sox tomorrow and Thursday.

I think all the Tigers were kept out of the sunlight over the offseason. Ponson got his sexy tan in between fighting judges and DUIs. Aw, Sid, I'm sorry, bro. Try not to get killed today.

This Tigers lineup is not really threatening in the way our lineup is, but it's a bit daunting. There are no really great hitters (maybe Pudge, but Ordonez simply does not count anymore, plus he's on the DL, and maybe I'm just speaking in the now!) but there are no automatic outs either. Everyone but Nook Logan has a little pop. Big lineup full of line drive hitters and Logan's bunting. They're going to be pesky all year for good teams; I don't think they'll really do anything, but they'll be a pain.

Game time is 7:something, but it doesn't really matter unless you're going to the park, and I assume you know the start time and are probably already there if that's the case, because this game is simply not televised anywhere on this planet. That's worse than an off day.

Correction: The game is on WNUV. So at least someone will see it.