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Post-game thoughts: O's 8, Tigers 4

You see what you get, Warriors?! You see what you get when you mess with the Orphans?!

Of course, the Orphans only had one razor blade, and the Warriors threw that flaming bottle at the car and blew it up, plus they stole that hooker-type away from the Orphans while they were at it, but I like that quote. I like that movie. I like today's win, sort of.

I am writing this having followed the game online, which I hope to do very infrequently, but it's going to happen occasionally. If anyone watched the game and saw little points of interest that I couldn't just basically following a box score as it was filled out, please share your thoughts.

Good news: The hitting was a little one-game slump for the moment, because we jumped on Nate Robertson early and put this game away before the Tigers could get back into it, the same as they did to us yesterday. Brian Bob hit another home run, a three-run jack to make it 4-0 in the second inning, and Tejada and Palmeiro went deep in the game, too.

Todd Williams pitched two more innings today, and perfect innings at that, with three strikeouts. Williams may emerge as a hell of a lot more important a pitcher than he was supposed to be, particularly if Steve Reed continues to struggle. I figured Williams for a middle innings/junk time guy, but he's throwing really well and could be the No. 2 righty in the bullpen behind Julio. It seems like Mazz has already lost a little faith in Reed and is favoring Todd, so we'll see.

Bad news: Despite getting a win, Ponson still wasn't any good. Six innings, nine hits, four earned runs, and he was lucky it wasn't worse, because he got out of some jams. It doesn't seem like anything was a real problem other than he was hit pretty hard, though. 96 pitches in six innings, 61 of which were strikes.

Also, thus far I was wrong about Bigbie being a silent assassin at the bottom of the lineup, but we do have one, and it's Luis Matos. After a 2-for-3 day, Matos is now hitting .333 with 10 runs scored and seven RBI. I'm not saying this makes him a great player or anything, but it's nice in the eight spot.

I tried to watch some of the Nationals game since I didn't have anything better to watch really, and I have yet to really see them play, but it was a lot like watching an Expos game, so I got bored rather quickly. It's a rivalry, y'know.