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Post-game thoughts: Red Sox 8, Orioles just watching

There was absolutely nothing good about this game other than Chen's first five innings. Honestly Chen didn't pitch badly, he left one up to Varitek which got soundly destroyed and Manny Ramirez reached down and ripped a double, but what can you expect? Chen could've thrown a gem and we weren't winning tonight, because the lineup stunk and David Wells looked absolutely great for eight innings.

Brian Bob's hitting streak ends at 14. That's a shame. Oriole hits in the game: Sosa, Lopez, Matos. We mustered three singles. We mustard three singles. Put a little mustard on it. We didn't put any mustard on anything.

Anyhow, tomorrow is Roddy/Clement and a new day. I see Clement has grown his absurd chin goat again. I thought he looked a lot better without it, but apparently it wasn't Papa Roach-y enough for him to be without it.

This loss didn't shake me to my very core or anything, since it was certainly something you could expect, and it will happen again with this lineup and pitching, but it might've humbled us a bit. Steve Reed had another awful outing and looks like a finished old reliever to me right now. He's probably overdue for that anyway. Parrish didn't give up any runs. Keep on the sunny side.

Boston clearly looks like the team to beat in the AL East. I suggest we beat them tomorrow.