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Gameday Thread: Red Sox at O's, 04/21

Matt Clement, RH Rodrigo Lopez, RH (1-0, 3.12) (2-0, 2.66) CF J Damon 2B B Roberts RF T Nixon 3B M Mora LF M Ramirez SS M Tejada DH D Ortiz RF S Sosa 1B K Millar 1B R Palmeiro C J Varitek C J Lopez SS E Renteria DH J Gibbons 3B R Vazquez CF L Matos 2B M Bellhorn LF L Bigbie

This is a battle for first place, as the teams are tied at 9-6. Our bats will need to wake up against Clement, because we aren't going to beat the Red Sox with pitching.

Lopez is pretty good against Boston for his career, 8-3 with a 3.73 ERA, and was 3-1 with a 1.78 ERA in 2004.

David Steele did an article at the Sun about last night's crowd being about "three-quarters" Red Sox fans and how embarrassing that was. It was mentioned in the comments for yesterday's game, too. I noticed it. It was pretty bad.

This is what I mean. Where are the fans? Where's the support? Hopefully there will be more tonight, but I kind of doubt it. That would be a big turnaround for one day, and I assume the Boston fans will again drown us out.

By the way, does RSTN really stand for Royals Sports Television Network? That really exists? I like that the score display is a crown.