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Post-game thoughts: Red Sox 1, Orioles 0

This was frustrating. 18 shutout innings by the Red Sox. Sosa again dies in a big situation, and I am sick of watching Old Man Palmeiro's attempt at 3,000 hits right now, because he is horrible.

Two games of a reality check, but on the plus side, one reality is that Rodrigo Lopez is the man. Another reality is that Bill Welke is a horrible home plate umpire, but that's neither here nor there really.

And there's nothing worse than hearing the big cheer for Manny catching the third out of the ninth inning. We were shamed in our own ballpark for two games by not just the Boston Red Sox, but their nomadic fans as well.

Since the Yankee sweep, we've gone 1-3, two of the losses total blowouts. We've really only hit in one game since last weekend. These cold stretches threaten to really kill us, because we aren't so good that we can afford them.