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Gameday Thread: O's at Blue Jays

Daniel Cabrera, RH Josh Towers, RH (1-1, 7.53) (1-1, 5.52) 2B B Roberts LF F Catalanotto 3B M Mora C G Zaun SS M Tejada DH S Hillenbrand RF S Sosa 3B C Koskie 1B R Palmeiro CF V Wells C J Lopez 1B E Hinske DH J Gibbons RF A Rios CF L Matos 2B O Hudson LF L Bigbie SS R Adams

Towers is another former Oriole. We sure face a lot of those. He looks very happy just to be a big leaguer, as well he should be. I have no idea how Towers has held on this long, even in Toronto.

Game time is 7:07, because that's how they do it in Canada, and I won't see any of the games against the Jays. Poor me, I so love watching games at the SkyDome where all nine innings feature what sounds to be the hum of the world's largest Dirt Devil. Tonight's game is available on WNUV, and Saturday and Sunday are 1:07 on WJZ.