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Post-game thoughts: O's 13, Blue Jays 5

Just when you think the offense was exposed, they drop 13 runs on the road. Following on the internet sucks, but when you're used to watching all the games, knowing the result somewhere close to as it happens becomes an addiction.

You also get to freak out over a six-run eighth inning you can't see that makes the game 10-5 instead of 4-5, and then three more runs in the ninth for extra insurance. Ron Santo would love such a thing.

The poor Blue Jays pen was destroyed except for Jason Frasor, the only one of the four Jays relievers to not give up a run. Justin Speier (3 R, 2 ER) didn't even get an out. Schoeneweis gave up 3/2 as well, and Chulk gave up three, all earned.

Daniel Cabrera was a horrible mess again, going five and two-thirds, giving up five hits and walking six. He struck out seven, but walked six. Control is the issue with Cabrera, both mentally and just in his pitches. He apparently didn't have any. He apparently doesn't yet have any. Cabrera doesn't belong in the major leagues right now.

But how about this: the bullpen gave up no hits. The Arsonists Steve each allowed a walk (Reed one in the ninth, Kline walked the only batter he faced before Todd Williams came in and shut the Jays down, followed by Julio), but other than that, the Jays did nothing once Cabrera was out of the game.

Gibbons and Javy each had three hits with a homer, Tejada had two hits with a homer, and everyone else except Matos and Roberts had at least two hits. Matos had one. Roberts had zero again, but walked in a run in the eighth. I think Brian Bob might could use a day off.

I guess this is how you wake up after being shut out twice, but it also likely goes to show the real difference in this team playing the Boston Red Sox versus this team playing the Toronto Blue Jays. Wins are wins, though. I'll say this again: it's important to dominate Toronto and Tampa Bay, and all the other lower-tier teams we face. We need the "cheap" wins to keep pace, and hope the Sox (and/or Yankees) go cold for stretches, which could keep us in this thing.