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Post-game thoughts: O's 7, Jays 1 or Get back, you don't know Ponson like that

Conflict, conflict...

I have Roy Halladay on my fantasy team. The Orioles are my favorite actual team. We beat him up. What do I do? Oh, right, be happy that this came against the O's and not, like, the Twins. I could not care less about the Twins.

Excellent(-looking/-sounding) win. Sosa hit two homers in a game that Mazz was considering letting him sit out (Sosa said he felt good) and Ponson comes within one out of a shutout in a game that there was a strong chance he wouldn't even have been able to make it to.

All in all, Sir Sidney Ponson goes the full nine with five hits allowed, one run, four walks and seven strikeouts. Buuut...131 pitches? In April? I think Sidney would've been just as confident after seven innings of shutout ball. It was 6-0 at that point, so other than saying it gives him a boost mentally, I don't see the point in him going 130 pitches for a complete game at this point in the season. Even if he sucks he's valuable as a guy at the back of our rotation, because if he went down, we're talking Bauer or Borkowski or who knows what.

I'll let it slide. I won't even call the man fat. (Too many walks!) Yeah, OK, I know.

So we've swept the Jays in Toronto, and now we're shipping up to Boston for a three-gamer with the Red Sox. In fact, I'll make "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by Dropkick Murphys the theme song for the series. We're looking for revenge or maybe just to score any runs. Matchups are Chen/Wells II, Roddy/Clement II, and Cabrera/Wakefield. Oh heavens, Cabrera against the Red Sox? Oh dear.

Whatever, bring it Sox. I'm just looking forward to seeing the games again. I consider this my lost weekend.