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Gameday Thread: O's at Blue Jays, get out the brooms

Sidney Ponson, RH Roy Halladay, RH (2-1, 10.43) (3-0, 3.30)

Thanks to the D-Rays, we're back in first place by a full game over Boston.

Halladay is pitching like his 2003 Cy Young self, striking fools out, good ERA, not putting anyone on base, not giving up many hits. His only bad start so far this season was April 9 against Boston, but other than that he's been dominant three times.

Ponson has been awful. He's supposed to eat innings, but only once has he gone six (3 and 5 2/3 in the other two starts). He has yet to have an actual good start. Toronto's bats are pretty feeble, so maybe this is the team for him to face right now. But then, Tampa lit him up like a portly Christmas tree, so that doesn't seem to mean anything either.

Unexpected pitchers duel? Not today. Let's just hope Sidney can keep us in the game for six innings and the bats can meet the Halladay challenge. Game time is 1:07.