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Gameday Thread: O's at Red Sox

Bruce Chen, LH David Wells, LH (1-1, 3.38) (2-2, 3.51) 2B B Roberts CF J Damon 3B M Mora SS E Renteria SS M Tejada DH M Ramirez RF S Sosa 1B D Ortiz DH J Lopez LF K Millar LF B Surhoff C J Varitek CF L Matos RF J Payton 1B C Gomez 2B M Bellhorn C G Gil 3B R Vazquez

I am psyched, geeked, pumped and jacked. These two had a hell of a matchup for five innings last week, but Chen threw a bad pitch and Varitek made him pay. We never made Wells pay. Wells has been on fire for two starts.

I feel like we have to win two of these three games for the sake of making a statement and chasing the shadow the Sox cast away. We know Boston's good, but it's a team we've got to play a lot and play well against. The first two games didn't go our way. We've got a chance to get it back. The Orioles are no longer afraid of the Yankees. We can get that same feeling with Boston by winning this series.

This should be fun. Start time is 7:05 and the game is carried by CSN and NESN.