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Post-game thoughts: O's 8, Red Sox 4

That's the ticket. Bruce Chen baby, Bruce Chen. Chen kind of gassed out after six innings, but I thought he shouldn't have been sent out for the seventh as it was. Todd Williams is pretty unreal right now, making Jorge Julio seem expendable to me. If they could get something from the Cubs for Julio, they should go after that. Obviously that's banking on Williams staying good the rest of the season, and Julio has been pretty sharp thus far too, but really, can Julio stay good all year? It's an idea.

The game, though, was a treat. We were somewhat lucky in that the Red Sox hit the ball just fine, but didn't cash in enough, while our hitters did. We had eight runs on thirteen hits, they had four on twelve. Both teams drew three walks.

In all the talk of the odd effectiveness of Brian Bob, Chen, Roddy Lopez, etc., Javy Lopez is getting ignored. The guy is hitting .353, going 2-for-3 tonight and drawing two walks. He's had a hit in every game since April 16, and has three multi-hit games in the last six.

Just a really good win for our club, but let's make note of Sammy's golden sombrero too. When you beat the Red Sox, Sammy can strike out four times and you take it with a laugh.