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Gameday Thread: O's at Red Sox, 04/26

Rodrigo Lopez, RH Matt Clement, RH (2-1, 1.91) (2-0, 2.13) 2B B Roberts CF J Damon 3B M Mora RF T Nixon SS M Tejada LF M Ramirez RF S Sosa DH D Ortiz 1B R Palmeiro 1B K Millar C J Lopez C J Varitek DH J Gibbons SS E Renteria CF L Matos 3B B Mueller LF L Bigbie 2B M Bellhorn

We took the father, we will take the son.

The series got off to a great start for us yesterday as we hammered out eight runs and stifled the Edith Sox enough to comfortably win the game.

Lopez/Clement was a freaking showdown last week. It's not probable, in my mind, that the two will have another matchup that good. Pedro and Mussina used to always have barnburners after Mike went over to the Yankees, but Clement isn't Pedro and Lopez isn't Mussina, though in the latter's case the comparison is much closer than some might think probably. Given the way both are pitching right now, I wouldn't expect big offense, either, plus it's going to be chilly again in Boston, around 50 with a bit of wind. Not that I want to make a habit of predicting scores, but I'm thinking 5-4 or something along those lines. We've got to figure out Clement this time, though. We certainly saw enough of what he can do last time as he made the hitters look like children.

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and NESN. The gameday thread welcomes any and all Red Sox fans to join in on the first place fun.