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Gameday Thread: O's at Red Sox, sweep city (watch the rain)

Daniel Cabrera, RH Tim Wakefield, RH (1-1, 7.65) (2-0, 1.75)

This one's at 1:05 on ESPN and NESN, but it's raining in Boston right now and the weather isn't looking to improve according to, so this one may or may not get played.

If it does, I am somewhat horrified at the prospect of Daniel Cabrera facing this lineup. Not because I don't think he could do fair enough if he's on, but if he's missing his spots (again), they're not going to chase for him. You have to throw the Sox tough strikes or they're going to kill you. And I never like facing Wakefield. He's pretty tough against us for his career (11-9, 3.82/1.23, .231 BAA, 35 G, 22 GS) and, well, he's a knuckler. He's even better against us at Camden Yards, so thankfully if this gets played it's Fenway. Oh, but he's excellent there this year. Yeah, well. Wakefield's tough.

Hopefully we can get this in, because I want to keep the momentum we have right now. Don't fear the reaper.

Update: Game is delayed until 2:05. Enjoy the NFL's congressional hearings.

Update: Make that 2:37. Continue to enjoy the NFL's congressional hearings. If this were TBS, we'd be watching Matlock send a baddie away.

Update: Make it some other day. This one's postponed. All the better, because Surhoff was starting in right field.