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Rain rain go away

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Well now what do I do all day?

USA Today did a story on Brian Roberts - nothing new, really, but David Wells has some nice things to say about him, and it's really cool that Brian Roberts is getting a story from USA Today.

A Bunch of Rambling for a Rainy Day

I hope to not do things like this very often, but for rainouts I can make an exception. I mean, come on, I'm bored. I do hope this leads to a double-header day that I see both games of, because then we'll see what kind of ridiculous garbage I start saying in the sixth inning of the second game, particularly if the O's and Sox light up the scoreboard in the first one and push at 4+ hours like last night.

While they were considering whether or not the game would be delayed, my old friend Steve Stone - one of the commentators, while with the Cubs, that really nurtured my love of baseball as a child - said that he believes the Orioles are for real. One of the points he made, and it's a popular one right now (and one that I also believe in), is that the Orioles aren't afraid of anyone, and they're playing like it.

Stoney likes the lineup and thinks the pitching is good. The pitching HAS been good so far, really, especially out of the pen where Ryan and The Todd have been nigh untouchable.

Remember when Mora couldn't hit? Well he's up to .310/.365/.517. The walks haven't been there like last year, but I figure that goes up the more teams start pitching around him. But to get to Tejada? Good luck, I guess.

Things could not have gone worse for my fantasy middle infield than Mark Bellhorn and Angel Berroa. Berroa I drafted late because shortstops got run on by the time I could pick one worth drafting early-ish, and he still stinks. Bellhorn has been awful. I'm now starting Jorge Cantu and Geoff Blum. Go figure.

If Victor Diaz continues to hit, the Mets will want to move Mike Cameron still, and we're one of the teams that could (A) use him, and (B) have the necessary parts to trade. The part would be Jorge Julio. I know a lot of people think we couldn't replace Julio, but I think it'd be pretty easy to replace Random Hard Throwing Guy That Misses the Plate Too Often. That's all Julio really is.

Getting Cameron probably puts Matos in left and Bigbie on the bench, and hopefully sends Surhoff to retirement or the Braves, whichever called first. Not that I have anything against Surhoff except that he's old and not worth carrying in this theoretical situation. This all also depends on Cameron's wrist, obviously. I think Jorge is the guy we can afford to trade, and we will have to make a deal or two, because the Red Sox and Yankees will not stand pat and hand the division over without a dogfight. This is all a ways off at any rate, and I'm not sure Cameron will even be healthy enough. At that point, we could turn our attention to whatever foolish deal the Cubs might give us for Julio.

Am I the only one who's deathly afraid of Jason Varitek whenever he comes to the plate? I'm more afraid of Varitek than any guy in the Red Sox lineup, not because I think he's better than Manny or Ortiz, but just because.

Something I think too much about: Those days (which are becoming more frequent) when Javy is the DH and Gil is catching. What if Gil got hurt during the game? Who would catch? Surhoff or Gomez?

On the DL: David Wells, Curt Schilling, Armando Benitez and Jason Isringhausen. With Wells and Schilling out of action, we have got to keep this up and move for a big lead in the division. Boston's rotation is now Bronson Arroyo, Tim Wakefield, John Halama, umm...well, Wade Miller could be back on May 8, according to the Boston Globe. We've got the schedule in our favor, with a 12-game homestand against the D-Rays, Blue Jays, Royals and Twins coming.

Anything on YOUR mind? Anything at all? Have at.