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O's/BoSox rescheduled

No doubleheader will come of it (aww), but the May 30-June 1 series is now extended to June 2, which was previously an off day. This means a four game series at Fenway, and a stretch where the O's don't have a day off from May 23 until June 9. That'll be fun for the catchers.

According to Gammons on Baseball Tonight, Jeremi Gonzalez will be brought up to replace Schilling in the Boston rotation for now, with Wade Miller eventually taking that spot, which will hopefully (for Sox fans) mean Wade Miller taking Wells' spot if Schilling only misses four starts, and then you have Wells back in 4-8 weeks and...who knows, maybe Bronson Arroyo loses his spot. Having Schilling, Wells, Clement, Wakefield, Miller and Arroyo healthy at the same time is a problem a lot of teams would like to have, I figure. It's one the Red Sox would like to have now, too. They'll be trying to survive for a while here with Halama and Gonzalez. I'd say best of luck, but I wouldn't mean it.

In losing to the Angels tonight (which I watched part of), the Yankees have clinched their first losing April since 1991. Don't that beat all? Our win yesterday against Boston also clinched a first place April for us.