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Two new SportsBlogs sites

Join me in welcoming South Side Sox and Purple Row to the SportsBlogs team, two more great blogs we've added to the fold.

Don't hit on Brandi of Purple Row, you guys. I know people on the internet tend to do such a thing when womenfolk are talking about baseball or something else that's awesome, but seriously, don't A/S/L her and ask her for "pix." It's just not classy, and this is a classy outfit here. Don't hit on the guy from South Side Sox either, to be fair. And don't hit on me!

Check those sites out, and the rest of the sites again in case you've been so foolish as to not visit them frequently. And then come back here, and click on ads, and support our battle against The Man. That guy is overcharging you for gas. We're not.