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Gameday Thread: Rays at O's

Hideo Nomo, RH Erik Bedard, LH (2-2, 6.41) (1-1, 3.80) CF C Crawford 2B B Roberts SS J Lugo 3B M Mora RF A Huff SS M Tejada 1B E Perez RF S Sosa DH J Phelps 1B R Palmeiro 3B A Gonzalez C J Lopez LF J Gomes DH J Gibbons C T Hall CF L Matos 2B N Green LF L Bigbie

There's yet another story on Brian Bob over at the Sun.

That Nomo has a wacky delivery, plus he no-hit us a few years ago when he was with Boston. He's been pretty decent in a couple starts this year, not horrible in one, and terribly awful in the other. He's very hittable at this point, and we're a bunch of hitters if anything.

Last time Bedard faced the Rays, he had some problems but got out of it by the skin of his teeth. He was fantastic against the Jays last weekend, so let's hope he stays hot.

It was a nice month already, but starting with this series and all through May, the Orioles have to keep winning to have a realistic shot. Everything is breaking their way, more or less. They've got to win now so they can endure the eventual turnarounds of Boston and New York and their own slumps.

Game time is 7:35 on CSN.